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Goofy Tails Chicken Super Food Topper for Dogs & Puppies

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Help support your dog's strong muscles with a Goofy Tails chicken Superfood Food topper. This premium dog food topper pack features high-quality ingredients, including real chicken liver, Chicken, meat, Sunflower Oil, Flaxseed Powder, Vitamin E, and Turmeric Powder. Our high-quality dog food recipes also feature wholesome, real ingredients No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives are added to the food topper. These adult dog food recipes include essential vitamins and minerals to support your dog's whole-body health. Serve the dog meal topper recipes alone as tasty meals, or mix them with kibble as wet dog food toppings. Providing 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs.

  • COMPLETE & BALANCED NUTRITION: Goofy Tails Superfood Meal topper is created by keeping the well-being of your pets to nourish your pet's health. This dog food topper promotes the five signs of well-being: boosts energy, lustrous skin, and coat, Promotes bone health makes them strong, and is Antioxidant rich.
  • INGREDIENTS: Chicken Meat, Water, Sunflower oil, Seaweed Extract, Flaxseed Powder, Sodium Alginate, Vitamin E, Turmeric Powder.
  • CHICKEN & FLAXSEED DOG FOOD MEAL TOPPER: This all-natural dog food topper delivers what your dog craves. A protein-rich recipe has Chicken meat, Water, Sunflower oil, Seaweed extract, Flaxseed powder, Sodium alginate, Vitamin E, and Turmeric Powder. We recommend serving at room temperature for maximum palatability.
  • PACKED WITH AMINO ACIDS: Amino acids are the building blocks of protein that are essential for the growth and maintenance of almost all tissues of the body including muscle, hair, bone, and organs. Protein from foods is broken down in the digestive tract to release amino acids which are then used to make body proteins for tissue maintenance and repair.
  • HUMAN-GRADE INGREDIENT: Unlike most meal Toppers, this recipe uses 100% human-grade Ingredients that yield a higher quality of food in accordance with necessary safety standards, just like you’d expect from your own food.
  • READY TO SERVE: Mess-free pouch makes mealtime easy. Just open the pack, pour it into the bowl, and serve. Each pack comes in a 70-gram pouch which is sufficient for one-time use so that you’ll have zero messy leftovers, unlike other meal toppers.
  • SUITABLE FOR PUPPIES & DOG FOOD TOPPER FOR PICKY EATERS: Balanced & Complete nutrition meal topper for dogs, including puppies, as well as adult mothers (gestation/lactation).
  • FEEDING GUIDE: Suitable for all dogs  ages > 3 months, according to dog  weight serve the quantity as mentioned, dog  Weighing (Upto 5kg) - 1 Pouch, (5-10kg) 2 pouches, (10-20kg) 3 Pouches, (20-30kg) 4Pouches, (>30 kg) 4-5 Pouches
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Goofy Tails Chicken Super Food Topper for Dogs & Puppies

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